Adult Jewelry

Adult Necklace

$ 44.99

Baltic Amber jewelry comes in a large variety of colors. Now you have access to them! 

We are listening, and we heard when you said you wanted a simple, affordable, style. Maybe the gemstones and extra pizzazz aren't your thing. Maybe those frills just increase the cost when what is really valuable is the Baltic Amber itself. 


Without the pain you currently have, what would your day to day look like? Let Baltic Amber give you another option! 


Our customers have reported less arthritis pain, less edema of the legs, more comfort and better sleep. 

Let that be your story too. 💙


This necklace comes in approx 21 inches long and has a screw clasp. Peyton is the only adult color option currently available. Please message us to request your favorite!




Color options:

Earthy Green Amber - raw, unpolished, green Baltic amber. Has an earthy natural look to it. More of a dusty earth tone than "green".

Polished Green - dark green tint, shiny and polished, can see through the amber in various beads, and see the variation in color density of each piece of amber.

Peyton - just like our child's size necklace (which also makes a great adult anklet) this beautiful Baltic amber necklace uses a variety of colors.

Marley - a medium Amber color. Comes in Polished and Raw.

Light Marley - unpolished orange-y color. Like Marley, but lighter!

Light Lemon - available in raw amber beads only. This necklace is our lightest colored adult jewelry option. Coordinates with our Eden style as well.

Reilly - a pattern of light, medium, and dark amber tones set in a repeating pattern. Same as the Reilly children's necklace.


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