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Baltic Amber Myths

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Baltic Amber can be a bit of a mystery...


and if you're someone who likes to explore options and pros/cons of a thing - especially if you like to *know* why something works - you've probably come across some negative media when it comes to Baltic Amber jewelry. It sounds great at first, you hear a story or two about how it's basically magical, and then you .... Google it.



Yeah.  The internet is so helpful, and so confusing. It's really hard to know what to believe, or where to look!  I've been there. I've had these same doubts and I've done the google search.


But what I've done NOW is to take it one step further and really dig into the claims that say Baltic Amber can't work. That baltic amber jewelry can't have therapeutic qualities.  (Because let's be honest, the sheer number of anecdotal success stories is overwhelmingly positive.)  


The following paper is short, easy to read, and offers another view to some of the most common "reasons" why  Baltic Amber "can't" work. It contains 12 scientific references to support and explain these statements, too, don't just take my word for it!


After downloading this incredible deal, you will know:

1) Why baltic amber can have SO many varied benefits
2) What is Succinic Acid and why it matters
3) Why there aren't official studies done on Baltic Amber jewelry.


So if you've ever thought baltic amber is magic, or voodo, or just hogwash, if you've ever had a relative tell you it's all in your head.....Here's a rebuttal to all the doubters! Or just for your own peace of mind. 


Your digital copy will be available immediately after purchase as a digital download, and it will also be sent to your email. This is not a physical product.

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