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Pet Necklaces ~ Natural Flea and Tick Repellent ~ Small, Medium, XLarge Sizes

$ 20.00

Baltic Amber Pet Collars can help to control and prevent fleas and ticks naturally!

Made from genuine Baltic Amber, this pretty and adjustable pet necklace is the perfect addition to your pet supplies - for a clean and healthy pet!

When baltic amber is worn by pets, its fur makes the amber warm, which helps to release aromatic terpenes (an unsaturated hydrocarbon) that repel fleas and ticks.  Baltic Amber is also known to have electrostatic properties, which means that this collar can generate electricity when it is rubbed against the dog or cat's fur - making it very difficult for a tick or flea to cling to the pet's hair.

Results from these collars vary from pet to pet, but in most cases full repelling benefits can be seen in about 3-4 week time. It is recommended to leave this collar on your cat or dog on all times since it will be able to work more effectively this way.

Three sizes are available. Please measure your pet so you know the size is right!  Each pet necklace is unique, natural variation in color is normal. 

Small is adjustable from approx 8 to 10 inches long. Fits most slender cats and tiny dogs.

Medium is adjustable from 10 to 12 inches long. Fits small dogs.

Extra Large is adjustable from 17 to 19 inches long. Fits most medium sized dogs.


** If you don't see your preferred size here, please send us a message!**

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