Children's Jewelry

African Jade & Baltic Amber

$ 33.00

Super popular African Jade and Baltic Amber combine in this necklace for a gorgeous style.

Baltic Amber eases pain, chronic inflammation, and balanced the body's pH (which soothes acne, moods, and has a host of other benefits!)

African Jade is said to be beneficial in aiding overall health, specifically removal of toxins from the liver and kidneys, and is said to promote soothing moods.


This necklace is approx 11 inches long and has a screw clasp



Always use with adult supervision. Baltic Amber teething necklaces are made to wear - NOT to chew.  While we are unable to recommend this product for children under 3 years old due to federal regulation of small parts, we respect each parent's right to decide for themselves what is appropriate for their child and their situation.  Our children's necklaces are made with knot between each bead to prevent them all from falling were the necklace to break. All our jewelry is designed to break at the clasp under pressure.

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