Children's Jewelry


$ 24.99

Do you like gemstones? This baltic amber necklace is juxtaposed beautifully with genuine turquoise beads. 


As you know, Baltic Amber has analgesic properties, which is why it can relieve pain and chronic inflammation, boost the immune system and promote general wellness. It can ward off headaches, neck and tooth pain, and reduce drool.


But what you may not know, is that Native American Indians, Tibetans, and ancient Egyptians were all enamored centuries ago by Turquoise and believed it to have great healing powers. Today many people associate turquoise with improving communication, favoring truth and honesty. It is said to open the wearer up to giving and receiving love.


How beautiful is that?!  


This necklace has a screw clasp which is designed to break under pressure. It has a knot between each bead as a safety measure. Our Parker necklace is made with raw Baltic Amber beads. Please choose size when adding to cart.



Always use with adult supervision. Baltic Amber teething necklaces are made to wear - NOT to chew.  While we are unable to recommend this product for children under 3 years old due to federal regulation of small parts, we respect each parent's right to decide for themselves what is appropriate for their child and their situation.  Our children's necklaces are made with knot between each bead to prevent them all from falling were the necklace to break. All our jewelry is designed to break at the clasp under pressure.

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