Adult Ombre

$ 62.99


This beautiful adult or teen length Baltic Amber necklace is made with a variety of colors of raw Baltic Amber, all arranged in a lovely Ombre cascade of hues. 


This Baltic Amber necklace is approx 22 inches long with a screw clasp. 


This gorgeous necklace is a classic baltic amber jewelry style, it will look great with most outfits and is pretty enough to be a conversation starter as well.  This necklace can be enjoyed by men, women, and teens as it is not overly feminine or masculine, but a nice gender neutral necklace that is well loved by everyone!


Some helpful information about Baltic Amber:

* Can baltic amber get wet?  - YES! Be careful not to get it coated in things like lotion and sunscreen, but if it needs a wash or rinse it can definitely get wet to get clean. Wash with a gentle soap and rinse well to get all soap residue removed.


* Does baltic amber work?  - YES! See for yourself on our testimonials page, or read our reviews on many pieces of jewelry here and on social media (facebook and instagram)

* Where does baltic amber come from?   -  The Baltic Region of the world. Baltic Amber Avenue amber comes specifically from a couple small Mama-run shops in Lithuania to guarantee and monitor the best in quality and authentic Baltic amber.


*Which Baltic Amber is best?  - The one you like the LOOK of most! Baltic Amber is most effective when worn a lot, so if you buy a piece of jewelry that you LIKE, you're bound to wear it more than if it's only for therapeutic value.  In the case of baltic amber, they go hand in hand! The more you like it, the more you'll wear it, the more benefits you will receive from it!

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