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Welcome to Baltic Amber Avenue!  

I would love to share my personal story with you. Keep in mind that federal regulation prohibits recommending products with small parts to children under 3 years old. The following is not a recommendation, it is merely my personal experience:

In 2008 our youngest child was born, and a short few months after that began cutting her first 4 teeth all at once! As a first time biological mom (my steploves already had teeth by the time I was involved) I had NO idea what to do to ease her pain! I felt so helpless not being able to do much for her. I felt like we had tried everything - short of over the counter medications, which I really tried to avoid as much as possible. After all, this wasn't a broken leg, it was just teething. 

Ok, I hadn't tried everything....I had seen pictures of babies wearing these weird, yet cute, "teething necklaces" on a mommy forum. Of course I thought that was crazy, and it frankly looked dangerous! A necklace on a BABY?!

But the day came where my little angel just couldn't be consoled in any way. I handed her over to her daddy and while she screamed her head off, hopped online and I ordered one of those weird baltic amber teething necklaces!

We never looked back.

That necklace went with us everywhere! It was amazing what a difference it made in her comfort level, she even drooled less! When the necklace would be off for a day is when we would notice the biggest change, baby would be more grumpy, and drool more. The necklace went straight back on! When we didn't want it around her neck, we just wrapped it twice around her ankle and covered it with a sock or sleeper and she could have the benefits of baltic amber with her almost all the time.  

After so much success I just knew I had to help bring these crazy necklaces to more people! In 2010 I started making and selling baltic amber jewelry and Karli's Kreations & More was born. In the following years I realized I could share with more people with a better product if I didn't make them myself. I now import all of my jewelry directly from Lithuania to guarantee the best, most authentic quality of baltic amber.   In 2015, the official name change happened and we are now known as Baltic Amber Avenue!! We also intend to start selling in brick and mortar stores!

  • Fresh Palate, Williston, ND 
  • The Natural Health Shoppe, Minot, ND
  • Peppercorn Natural Foods, NH
  • Daycares in MT and ND

Thank you so much for stopping by and shopping with us today! I would love to hear from you, your comments, questions, anything! Please feel free to email me at karli.anne@ yahoo.com and don't forget to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @balticamberavenue.

If you are a retailer interested in carrying Baltic Amber Avenue jewelry in your store - please email karli.anne@ yahoo.com for details! Thank you for your interest in Baltic Amber jewelry!

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