Gemstones & Baltic Amber

$ 26.79

💜 Stunningly beautiful gemstones paired with gorgeous Baltic Amber makes for the most beautiful health product around! 

❤️ All of the following are approximately 11 inches long with a screw clasp.

💜 Baltic Amber benefits our body in a variety of ways, including pain relief, and balancing your pH. Baltic Amber can reduce chronic swelling and hidden inflammation, reduce pain, improve moods and soothe anxiety. Good for reducing the symptoms of arthritis, ADHD, anxiety, and more.

💜 These adorable styles are all made with children in mind as they have a knot between each bead. Approximately 11 inches long, the length is perfect as necklaces for young children (most commonly used for teething) - but also works wonderfully as an anklet for adults with ankle or foot pain or swelling.

💛 Lots of color combinations available! 



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